Mario Kart 7 Communities

If you’re looking to find gamers to play online in the brand new Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS, you’re in luck.

Various gaming web sites around the world have been posting there Mario Kart 7 communities codes in order to help fans of those sites organize online match ups with fellow gamers in order to avoid any nasty cheaters, or other sordid bad players online.

On this page, we will attempt to collect all the communities codes from around the web. What is a community code? A community code is a code you enter into your copy of Mario Kart 7 that then matches you up with all the people looking for matches from that code. You can limit items, characters, and other things to your liking with communities. The best potential use of this is that if people should start abusing snaking, or cheating through third party devices we will be able to create exclusive communities that will hopefully keep those evil do’ers out of our hair.

We will post our own Gimme Gimmme Games community codes in the near future, and we will be always updating it. Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve got a community you want to share with the web, or if you want to organize a tournament.

Also don’t forget to download the latest update for Mario Kart 7 to play online.

Nintendo Life
150cc — No Items — 04-0673-3404-8527
150cc — Bob-ombs Only — 52-6562-9908-9924
150cc — All Items — 00-2104-5343-9763

IGN, group called IGN PWNS
60-2240-3145-6926 , Community is all items, 150cc Grand Prix

Cubed 3
150cc and All Items: 29-5021-3040-1205

Nintendo 3DS Blog

GoNintendo Cup – 06-8418-8307-8854 – 150cc Grand Prix – All Items
GoNintendo Brawl – 20-6845-6267-3947 – Balloon Battle – All Items