Sony announces LE PS4 Pro to celebrate 500 million PlayStations sold

Sony recently announced that they have sold over 500 million PlayStation systems. In honor of that, they are releasing a special, transparent blue PS4 Pro system in Europe and the US.

The 500 Million LE PS4 Pro will ship on August 24. It will cost $499.99, come with the a blue transparent camera, controller and a 2TB hard drive. It is a little pricey but the bigger hard drive is a nice addition.

The console itself looks absolutely amazing. It will be very hard to find, seeing as Sony will only make 50,000 units. It will surely be a highly priced collector’s item. The controller will be sold separately too.

So far it seems like US retailers aren’t taking pre orders though that could change this week. It looks like it will be a first come first serve situation.