Rumor: Original Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Being Remade For PS4

Laura Kate Dale of Kotaku UK is reporting that Activision is partnering with Sony on a revival of another iconic 90’s franchise.

LKD says multiple sources have confirmed to her that a remade Spyro Trilogy, consisting of the original three PS1 games, will be announced in March and released later this year. She indicates that a Q3 release is in the cards.

Last year, Activision remade the original Crash Bandicoot Trilogy and it sold exceedingly well. It launched during he summer at $39.99 and instantly captured the market with its budget friendly recreation of a 90s Classic.

The Ps1 games were developed by Insomniac Games, who are currently working on Spider-Man for PS4. If this rumor is true, I’d imagine Vicarious Visions is developing it since they already rebooted Crash Bandicoot last year.

LKD says that the remade Spyro Trilogy will be PS4 exclusive for at least a year as well. I have to say, the 10 year old in me would buy this remake in a heartbeat. Hopefully this rumor comes true.