Rumor: New Crash Bandicoot coming in 2019

Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy released last year to massive sales and critical acclaim. It seems the old Bandicoot has been fully rebooted and recovered from nearly two decades of irrelevancy.

GB Eye, a merchandising company in Europe, said in the “Licensing Source Book Europe” from DHX Brands that Activision has a five year plan for Crash Bandicoot.

Obviously, this could just be for toys and merch but with N’Sane Trilogy selling so well last year then it seems likely that more Crash Bandicoot games are on the way.

The merchandising book says that a new Crash Bandicoot game will come out in 2019 and that N’Sane Trilogy will arrive on Switch/PC this year. It adds that Crash games will be coming out until 2022.

Hopefully this is true. Of course, it could be speculation on the company’s part. Now we’ve got to wait for Activision to properly revive Spyro and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (again and better this time.)