Recap of this week’s mini Nintendo Direct

In case you missed it (somehow), Nintendo held a mini Nintendo Direct earlier this week.

They revealed details on existing games and news on previously unannounced titles. You can watch the presentation in full in the video below.

If you don’t want to watch the whole 14 minute clip, here are some of the bigger items.

Kirby Star Allies is coming to Switch on March 16.

A new Mario Tennis game is coming to Switch this spring, called Mario Tennis: Aces. The game will feature a story mode which hasn’t been seen since the RPG inspired story mode in the GBA version of Mario Tennis over a decade ago.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the 2014 critically acclaimed platformer by Retro Studios, is coming to Switch on May 4. Funky Kong is now playable.

There is a new balloon battle mode coming to Mario Odyssey in February. Luigi will appear in levels, after the player beats the main story, and task players with finding and hiding balloons throughout levels.

In addition to the above game announcements, Square Enix is bringing The World Ends With You Final Remix to Switch, Namco is bringing Dark Souls Remastered on May 25 and a definitive edition of Hyrule Warriors will release on Switch this spring.

Sorry for the somewhat sloppy run-down. I’m sure I missed something. There are murmurs of another Nintendo Direct coming soon though I don’t know if I could survive the hype train again. Most mini-Directs have been followed by a larger, traditional Direct within three weeks so there’s some precedent but I will refrain from getting my hopes up.