Nintendo announces new toys to life line called Labo

Nintendo announced an innovative toys to life platform for Switch today called Labo. This software uses pieces of cardboard that the user, aimed at children, builds themself. Users build the item, like a 13 key piano or a full mech suit, and then insert the Switch or Joy Con controllers.

You really need to see the Nintendo Labo trailer to understand it.

Nintendo will be selling two different SKUs of Labo at launch on April 20th. The Variety Pack will cost $69.99 and include five different cardboard items and the mech suit will be sold on its own for $79.99. Each SKU comes with a game card that includes software unique to that particular set. The company will expand on Labo with new packs in the future.

I have to say, this DIY take on videogames is genius. Nintendo managed to find an exciting way to use cardboard for fuck’s sake! This is clearly aimed at children though I’m sure game collectors will be into it as well.