Fortnite Battle Royale hits 2M concurrent players, 40M total

Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale is a runaway hit. Going free to play last year, especially on PS4, has filled a void left by PUBG. Now, Epic is celebrating 2 million concurrent players with over 40 million total players. This is ten million more than the 30 million number Epic reported just one month ago.

A new update will come to Fortnite this week, getting rid of the Christmas theme and adding new points of interest on the map. Mines, high-rise and multi-story buildings will be added to Battle Royale’s single map.

Despite PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds having 30 million players across Xbox and PC (and also not being free), Epic has 40 million people at least playing Fortnite Battle Royale a little bit. This, Epic says, proves to them that Fortnite Battle Royale is the “biggest battle royale game in the western world.” With numbers like this, its hard to disagree.

Personally I’m enjoying Fortnite BR a lot. Its taken me by surprise completely, the base building and survival mechanics both provide a fresh take on online competitive shooters. Let’s hope Epic can keep 40M plus players happy.