Polyphony Digital plans to use GT Sport’s car models for 20 years

One thing that bothered die hard Gran Turismo fans during the PS3 generation was that both GT5 and GT6 re-used some PS2-era models for certain cars. While both games had numerous car models that were brand new, it did recycle some older PS2 models.

GT Sport, the first Gran Turismo for PS4, doesn’t not have any PS2 car models. Each car has been designed for the PS4’s powerful hardware.

It turns out Polyphony Digital did this so they can re-use the GT Sport cars if need be for the next 20 years. Yes, literally. Kazunori Yamauchi said the creation of these brand new car models is the reason why Sport has roughly 150 cars versus GT6’s 1200+.

We don’t want to have to ever remake these models, and so that the data would last the next 20 years

Yamauchi promises that more cars are on their way to GT Sport. When they say they will re-use these models for GT7 and future installments on PS5, etc, you know you can take their word for it.