More Xbox games could come to non-Xbox devices

Xbox’s Phil Spencer recently spoke at length about the future of Xbox, addressing the idea of more Xbox games releasing on non-Microsoft consoles.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Spencer said that Microsoft is looking to either start more internal game studios or acquire existing studios. This is in response to the console maker’s rather weak first party lineup this year.

Spencer said:

We need to grow, and I look forward to doing that. Our ability to go create content has to be one of our strengths. We haven’t always invested at the same level. We’ve gone through ups and downs in the investment.

Closing Lionhead (Fable) and cancelling games by Obsidian and Platinum certainly haven’t helped Xbox in recent years.

This isn’t the only bit of news, Spencer says that Microsoft is looking to debut a game streaming service that does not require an actual Xbox console itself in the next three years.

In regards to Minecraft, which Microsoft owns but is sold on all consoles and mobile devices, Spencer says that one day more Xbox games could come to non-Xbox systems. Phil said his new role as Executive Vice President gives him more “latitude” to pursue gamers who don’t play on Xbox and that the company won’t always use their games “to make Windows more successful.”

On social media, Spencer confirmed again that the company was open to releasing more than just Minecraft on rival systems but added that the Windows maker doesn’t have any specific plans to do so at this time.

My take: The idea of Xbox exclusive games on more than just Xbox and Windows PCs is an alluring one. Unless they’re willing to go full third party, which I’m not sure they are looking into since they just released the Xbox One X, they could leverage select IPs on certain platforms. Rare’s old IPs, like Banjo Kazooie, would fare much better if they released on Xbox AND Nintendo systems.