Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp coming to iPhone/Android

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android.

This mobile version of the popular 3DS life sim is smaller in scope, tasking players with completing chores around your campground in order to gain improved items and new furniture.

The game will feature leaf tickets, which limit you from playing in excess. These can be unlocked through normal gameplay timers or purchased with real money.

Pocket Camp will release on iOS and Android in November but are already available to download on the Australian iOS App Store and Google Play Store for some reason.

Nintendo usually ties a new mobile game to a new main console installment in that franchise. Pokemon GO came out five months before Sun & Moon, Mario Run came out right when Odyssey was revealed in the October Switch reveal and a year before Odyssey’s launch and finally Fire Emblem Heroes released three months before Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and seven months before Fire Emblem Warriors.

So hopefully Pocket Camp releasing this November means we get a new, HD Animal Crossing for the Switch before next holiday. Fingers crossed!

For a brief overview of the game, watch the video below!