Splatoon 2 XP exploit removed by Nintendo

A few days ago we posted about an XP ticket exploit in Splatoon 2. Nintendo has released an update for Splatoon 2 today, removing this XP exploit. This update was preceded by roughly 2 hours of server issues, making players unable to connect to the game’s online features.

Players can find a single ticket next to level 2-6 in Octo Canyon, hidden in a box on the ledge just beneath where the level’s entrance is located. This ticket can be redeemed with Crusty Sean for a 50% boost to XP gain in multiplayer matches. Each ticket boosts your XP gain in your next 20 matches.

Before the patch, players could endlessly get grab another ticket, up to 99, by teleporting back to Inkopolis after grabbing it. Fans could tell it was a glitch as the game greys out the ticket every time.

With the patch required for online play you may want to delay updating your game if you’re hoping to use this XP exploit. Nintendo is not wiping players inventories so if you got an excess of XP boost tickets before the patch you are safe to use them. Remember guys, don’t get cooked!