Pokemon Sun & Moon sells 14.69 million copies

Nintendo released sales data for Pokemon Sun and Moon today and wow, did the game clean up in 2016. Despite releasing globally in late November, the game managed to sell 14.69 million units in roughly 50 days. Less than two months people!

Undeniably, a big reason for Sun & Moon’s huge sales isn’t just that they are some of the best installments in franchise history, Pokemon GO did a great job increasing brand awareness in 2016.

That’s almost as much as X&Y has sold since it shipped in 2013. In other news, X&Y sales passed Pokemon Black & White. Here is a breakdown of Pokemon games sales, straight from Nintendo.

Green, Red & Blue: ~30 million (Pre-Virtual Console)
Yellow: 8.86 million (Pre-Virtual Console)
Gold & Silver: 23 million
Crystal: 3.85 million
Ruby & Sapphire: 16.22 million
FireRed & LeafGreen: 11.82 million
Emerald: 6.32 million
Diamond & Pearl: 17.64 million
Platinum: 7.69 million
HeartGold & SoulSilver: 12.72 million
Black & White: 15.62 million
Black 2 & White 2: 7.97 million
X & Y: 16.06 million
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: 13.68 million
Sun & Moon: 14.62 million