Final Fantasy VII Remake Be Released In Possibly Three 30 Hour + Games

Square Enix says that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will adopt a similar business model to the trilogy of Final Fantasy XIII games. If you remember there was a Final Fantasy XIII, a XIII-2 and a third sequel dubbed Lightning Returns. Square says each game should be its own 30 hour plus RPG and mostly self-contained.

With Nojima, Kitase and Nomura all on board, Square Enix will be changing some things about Final Fantasy VII. Overall the game will stay true and faithful to the original. They feel that having the original developers working on it means they can get away with a few changes, sort of like a director’s cut.

Square finally said that they want to make sure the Final Fantasy VII remake has a much shorter development cycle than FFXV, which is releasing this September after 10 years in development.