Microsoft cancels commercial Hololens release plans due to fears over it repeating Kinect’s failures

Apparently the commercial failure of Kinect for Xbox One is giving Microsoft second thoughts on the commercial version of their upcoming AR headset, Hololens.

Microsoft’s Alex Kipman recently said that the fate of Kinect has soured the company on releasing another expensive accessory. He said:

When I feel the world is ready, then we will allow normal people to buy it. It could be as soon as we say ‘yes,’ and it could be as long as a ‘very long time.’

Currently, businesses can buy a Hololens for $3,000. That’s it. It is strange they have spent time demoing this product at gaming shows since it won’t ever be used on Xbox One, which is what this quote implies. Maybe next-generation something like this will be available to the general consumer.

Don’t hold your breath!