Halo 5 Hammerstorm update out now, Firefight coming later this year

The big Halo 5 February update is now available to download. It takes up 4.3GB of space and brings with it some new maps and modes. Most notably, Grifball makes it debut on Xbox One.

The mode was very popular, one of my personal favorites, in Halo Reach and Halo 4 on 360. It has taken a long time to play it on Xbox One seeing as Halo MCC didn’t have it either.

In addition to this news, 343 shared some info on the future of Halo 5 DLC later this year. The biggest news is that a brand new Warzone-based Firefight mode will be released later in 2016. This will likely be heavily based off Reach’s firefight with the more open spaces Warzone is known for.