Cliff Bliszinski: Campaigns in shooters cost 75% of entire budget

Cliff Bleszinksi, the man behind Gears of War, says that the reason why a lot of studios are developing multiplayer only shooters is because of the costs of developing a single player campaign. Recently, Cliffy B said this about campaign modes:

They usually cost 75% of the budget. And you burn through the campaign in a weekend, and then go to multiplayer.

I mean, I can’t disagree. Games like Halo do lend themselves to campaign replayability but for the most part I don’t touch a campaign mode after beating it in today’s average FPS. That may be because most of their campaigns are generic and not memorable.

If all of these shooters were offering up Half-Life 2 like experiences or close to it, maybe I’d go back.

Of course many people reading this will think “so multiplayer only shooters should be 75% cheaper then, right?”. No, not exactly. I’m sure these developers want to have lower costs and make more money in order to fund the game, keep staff employed and finance future projects.

Games like Battlefront are light on content out of the box and probably should cost $60 but other titles like Titanfall deliver on their value out of the gate.