Rumor: NX Console Coming This Year Along With 3DS Price Cut, Nintendo Meeting With EA

A NeoGAF poster, verified by the site’s notoriously thorough mods, has released some potential details on Nintendo’s 2016 plans.

Trevelyan9999’s leaked information points at several unannounced 3DS games coming this year from Nintendo. A few are aimed at casuals while one is codenamed “Torte City” and is aimed at core gamers.

Nintendo is also reportedly planning a 3DS price cut later this year and a major game called N-Stars, which is supposedly a big budget game for all ages. That sounds like Nintendo’s version of Skylanders to me, a game that uses all Amiibo figures as much as possible.

This leak also suggests that Zelda Wii U will also release on the Nintendo NX, which Trevelyan9999 says is a new console and that it is coming this year.

Lastly, a Pokemon title codenamed “Niji” should be coming later this year. You can read more about the leak on NeoGAF itself.

If any of these come true it will be great for Nintendo fans. Another recent rumor suggests that Nintendo and EA have held meetings and will be having more meetings about NX support in March. Apparently EA wants Nintendo to put effort into making sports title, likely Madden and FIFA, more popular on Nintendo hardware.

This is all a lot to take in. 2016 is going to be a crazy year for Nintendo.