Rumor: Namco planning several NX titles, porting Smash Bros to NX

Industry analyst Serkan Toto is claiming on Twitter that his sources have told him that Bandai Namco plans on having several titles made for Nintendo’s NX console, whenever it releases.

Toto would go onto to claim his source is “very solid”. He also says Namco is working on the NX port of Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS. It would make sense that Nintendo wanted to re-release the game, likely with all paid DLC included, in one package running even smoother than it already does.

Of course some people will interpret this tweet as confirmation of a brand new Smash Bros for NX but that can’t be true. SSB4 just came out in fall 2014, Nintendo will want to milk it a little longer. Especially considering we’re getting the final DLC characters next month.