The Witness is being pirated a lot on PC

Jonathan Blow spent 8 years working on The Witness after releasing the 2008 indie darling Braid. The game reportedly cost $6M to make and Blow has a relatively small team. Sadly, it seems The Witness is the most popular game on some torrent sites right now.

Blow commented on the rampant piracy for his new game the other day:

I’m glad that a lot more people will be experiencing the game! But I also want to be able to make another comparable game next! Just sayin’

Unfortunately, many gamers see The Witness’s $40 price and thinks its just another “walking simulator” or puzzle game and don’t understand the value it gives to buyers. It has dozens of hours of gameplay and countless challenging puzzles. To complete everything in the game it has been reported that it could take up to 100 hours.

So far SteamSpy indicates that the game has sold around 20k copies or more on Steam. Hopefully it is faring better on PS4.