Report: Destiny 2 won’t make September 2016 launch

Kotaku is reporting that they’ve heard that Bungie’s higher-ups from decided to delay Destiny 2 from its original planned launch date of September 2016, later this year.

No word on when it might release but it sounds like it could be a significant delay. Why? Because they’ve also heard Bungie is asking the small team of their developers who have been working on the various live events that have hit Destiny over the past few months to prepare larger expansion, like House of Wolves/The Dark Below to make up for this delay of the game’s sequel.

Bungie is also considering whether these expansions will be free or paid or a combination of both.

This is obviously devastating to the loyal, dedicated Destiny player base. Personally I’m not against it if it means Destiny 2 (or whatever it will be called) ships with more content and an overhaul of most of the game’s systems. Making leveling your light level more accessible to casual players would help from having the less “hardcore” players stop playing after they reach level 40.

Adding local play, like what Bungie was known for with Halo, would be a great addition to. More creativity with modes (maybe a map editor for fans to use?) would improve the core Destiny experience as a whole in my opinion.

Get ready Guardians, you’re original planned date with Destiny 2 (sorry!) may end up being spring or September 2017, unlike what many originally expected after Bungie’s contract with Activision indicated when it leaked in 2012.