Nintendo removes sexual orientation conversion therapy scene from Fire Emblem Fates in US/EU

A controversial scene in the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Fates will be removed from the EU/US versions of the game next month, Nintendo has revealed.

In the Japanese version, Soleil (a woman) finds herself flustered every time she encounters women. She mentions in the game that she is afraid she can’t be “strong” because of how easily being around women makes her on the battlefield. It is heavily implied that she is a lesbian.

If you pair Soleil up with a male protagonist a scene where the male character spikes Soleil’s drink with a magic powder that makes her see women as men and men as women. Soleil has no idea this is done to her and when the magic wears off she falls in love with the male character because she still views him as a woman.

This is of course a needless and stupid story move. I’m glad Nintendo removed it. More or less, its the whole changing a gay person through medicine/brain washing. I don’t know why it would be there in the first place as its tasteless.

Maybe it would have been tolerable if she simply resolved her issues with women and moved on but this way is silly and makes Nintendo look more anti-gay, something that came up with Tomodachi Life a few years ago.