Valve issues statement on Christmas Day Steam problems

On Christmas Day, PSN and XBL were stable but Valve’s PC gaming service Steam was hit pretty hard. Through various glitches with the Steam store, users were able to potentially access some of other user’s account information.

Today, Valve issued a statement on this error, apologizing for it:

Once this error was identified, the Steam Store was shut down and a new caching configuration was deployed. The Steam Store remained down until we had reviewed all caching configurations, and we received confirmation that the latest configurations had been deployed to all partner servers and that all cached data on edge servers had been purged.

We will continue to work with our web caching partner to identify affected users and to improve the process used to set caching rules going forward. We apologize to everyone whose personal information was exposed by this error, and for interruption of Steam Store service.

If you asked me two weeks ago which gaming service would experience this issue, I would have not said Steam. Its good to see Valve acknowledge it. Thankfully things get too out of hand and it certainly could have been worse.