Best Buy offering PS4 for $10 down and $24 per month

The first rumblings of a subsidized PS4 surfaced back in August. I never heard of it again until yesterday, when I saw a sign in my local Best Buy advertising an official Playstation/Best Buy subsidy plan.

Best Buy customers can choose to get a PS4 for $10 down with monthly payments of $24. This appears to be an official deal with Sony and Best Buy currently. This includes the 500GB standard system and a PS+ membership though it isn’t clear how long that membership as the marketing materials I saw didn’t say how much it was, a year or three months.

It didn’t say the length of payment terms though I imagine its at least two years. $24 times 24 months would equal $566, if my math is correct. That is a lot to pay for a PS4 but if you can’t afford $350 outright maybe its for you.