The Witcher 3 cost $32M to make, $35M spent on marketing

The Witcher 3 is a huge success for CD Project RED. The game has sold over 4M copies in two weeks. Now, information about the game’s budget has come to light

The game apparently cost 120 million Polish Zloty, which is $32M in US dollars. Marketing for The Witcher adds another $35M, bringing the total cost of the game to $67M.

Its disappointing to see the marketing cost so damn much but it seems to have been effective. Making a quality game like Witcher 3 for just over $30M is a huge feat. AAA game development budgets have gotten out of control in recent years. Its nice to see it less than $100M.

If the game has sold 4M copies that means its brought in at least $120M, almost double its budget with marketing.