New Dragon Quest in development in ‘new genre’

Square Enix is currently hiring for a brand new Dragon Quest game. You already said in your head, “it will be for mobile,” well you’re wrong.

On the official job listing Square Enix says this new Dragon Quest project is in a “new genre” and is a “consumer game”. That means it is for a console or traditional handheld, not mobile or browser-based. The job listing is asking for someone to do map design while also describing the project as “challenging”.

Here’s another link to the job. What type of genre this could be and for what platform remains unseen. Dragon Quest Heroes, a spin-off, is in the works for the PS3 and PS4. With the 3DS still kicking you can’t rule it out or even the PS Vita, as it has a strong presence in Japan still. Even the Wii U stands a chance since Dragon Quest X was on it.

We’ll probably have to wait a while to see whatever this new Dragon Quest game is. It doesn’t sound like a formal Dragon Quest XI but here’s to hoping its something worth waiting for.