Rumor: Cave Story 2 teased at PAX South

We’ve spent the entire day attending PAX South here in our hometown of San Antonio. I’ve spent the whole day, along with our other staff members Erick and Lucy, running around the Henry B. Gonzalez Center. One of the first panels I attended was hosted by Nicalis with company founder Tyrone Rodriguez appearing at the panel. They discussed everything from Cave Story to The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, opening the panel up to for question and answer time at the end.

Throughout the panel, they showed off Binding of Isaac concept art and footage of 90’s Arcade Racer, often stumbling in-between tabs on the Apple computer they were using. The two other people, Nicalis’s Matt Kap and the person in charge of their marketing, Gail Salamanca, joked about how they weren’t used to using Macs though this could have been just that specific person and not all three, including Rodriguez.

At the end of the Q&A part of the panel, a fan noticed a shortcut on the desktop of the Mac they were using that was named “Cave Story 2”. This fan asked about it and Tyrone Rodriguez fielded it.

He said he hadn’t “noticed” that shortcut icon, seemingly nervous. To quickly quell whether this meant Nicalis was involved with a sequel to the original Cave Story was “maybe, maybe not”. He seemed to regret it coming it up but not necessarily like it was an accidental reveal of a proper Cave Story 2. It could have simply been a shortcut to a file named Cave Story 2 that was unrelated to an actual sequel. Like how you might save several Cave Story screenshots on your computer and call them Cave Story, Cave Story 2, Cave Story 3, etc.

This could be a sign that Nicalis is working on a new Cave Story game but like I said just now, it could be a coincidence. The first game is a cult classic and I have no idea whether Nicalis would even be able to make another installment. It could even just be a re-release of the original game for the newer consoles, like PS4 and Xbox One.

I’ve looked all across the web, assuming someone else reported on this already. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m sure someone was live streaming the panel though I’m having trouble tracking it down. I know what I heard as I was 20 feet away from Tyrone Rodriguez and the others. This doesn’t mean Cave Story 2 is happening but its certainly an interesting situation that will give fans hope of a sequel.

As soon as I find a video or live stream of the panel I’ll post it here to back up what I heard. If anyone finds one, kindly leave a link to it in the comments below.