Rumor: Nintendo using Sharp for free-form display in new product

A juicy new rumor about what could be Nintendo’s 3DS successor surfaced today. A rumor started by Sankei Biz in Japan. They are reporting that Nintendo has struck a deal with Sharp to use a free-form display in some product. The obvious conclusion would be that this display would be used in their next handheld. Sharp already supplies Nintendo with the 3DS’s screen.

Sankei says Sharp was originally aiming to ramp up production of this screen for Nintendo in 2017 but will instead do so in 2016. What it could look like remains uncertain.

Free-form displays from Sharp have been shown off in the past. They essentially allow for tiny bezels and odd shaped screens that don’t have to be rectangular like most would expect.

Here’s what one looks like.


This doesn’t necessarily mean Nintendo will go with a foldable or flexible screen though I know a lot of fans hope they do. With the New 3DS coming out in 2015, you bet Nintendo will be quiet on this project as long as possible.