Polygon retracts Mario Kart 8 sales pie-chart with no notice

Earlier this year, Polygon posted a comically flawed analysis of how Mario Kart 8 would not sell all that well on the Wii U.

They projected back in May that Mario Kart 8 would only sell around 1.26 million copies on Wii U. They included a pie-chart to supposedly convey their “hard data” which fans have since then laughed at since Polygon’s initial sales estimates were so insanely harsh and were subsequently blown out of the water as the game passed the 2.82 million copies sold mark within a month or so after release.

Today, Polygon removed the pie-chart they originally used from the article after being made fun of for six months. They have not issued any updates on this or why they took it down. It is likely due to the fact that they’ve been set through the ringer with fans for writing such a flawed piece with imperfect estimates.

Here’s the original piechart they caught so much flack for, which has now been removed with no notice.


Sadly it looks like Polygon won’t hold themselves accountable. They want everyone to think they didn’t post this chart and don’t want to look bad. Too bad we’ve got the original article in web archives. You can compare it to the current one here.