Xbox One’s 8M units compared to PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii

Yesterday the news that the PS4 has passed 15 million units shipped to retailers globally broke, a huge milestone for Sony. Now, the same source is reporting that the Xbox One has hit 8 million units sold around the world with 32 million games sold.

We posted a comparison to several other consoles for the PS4’s 15 million accomplishment and today we’re comparing the Xbox One’s first year sales to consoles like the PS2, Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3.

First up, the Xbox One doesn’t fall too short of the PS2, which Sony sold 9.2 million units globally in the console’s first year roughly. They shipped 10 million systems to retailers that first year. The Xbox One lines up admirably with the PS2, selling 8 million units roughly and 10 million units shipped in its first year. That’s much closer to the PS2 than I would have thought, especially considering how badly the Xbox One sells in Japan.

Compared to the Wii? Well, nothing stands up to the Wii. Nintendo shipped 20 million Wii consoles in the system’s first year, 10-12 million more than the Xbox One. Its hard to hold the Xbox One up to that standard, no console will ever be able to pass the Wii’s initial success.

The Xbox One has successfully passed the Xbox 360’s first year, which has to be seen as a positive sign for Microsoft. They shipped 7.6 million Xbox 360 systems in its first year and they’ve reportedly sold 8 million Xbox One consoles and shipped 10 million. That’s a significant difference and shows growth between generations, at least in the early stages.


Microsoft’s Xbox One system compares favorably to past consoles, outpacing the Xbox 360’s first year sales/shipped while coming very close to the PS2’s first year. Some would have you think its been a bloodbath for the system. While I’m sure things haven’t gone exactly to Microsoft’s plan, it isn’t that bad just yet.

It falls short of the PS4 and Wii but no one should expect it to come close to those systems. The Xbox One may not be as commercially successful as some expected back in early 2013 or as Microsoft expected but historically speaking, it is carving out a respectable market for itself. So far this doesn’t look like a original Xbox to PS2 sales situation with the Xbox One and PS4, I’d argue that the sales gap between the two will likely be smaller than most people think, even if the PS4 has the advantage, in the end.