Xbox One early adopters getting shafted

Select Xbox One early adopters may end up getting Limbo for free. Some XB1 owners who purchased their console closer to the system’s launch last year have been sent a message from Microsoft saying that they will give them the Xbox One version of Limbo for free when it releases. No word on when the Xbox One version will release but its always good to see early adopters get something.

Mind you, I don’t think anyone would trade the $150 they paid in November 2013 for a copy of Limbo but at least Microsoft did something right?

You can debate whether Microsoft owes early Xbox One adopters anything at all, let alone a $10 XBLA game. Consumer should understand that prices on new consoles do drop over time but the case of the Xbox One is very different. Consumers who bought $499 Xbox One systems last year made that financial decision based on all the comments Microsoft made about never unbundling Kinect from the core system.


For all of 2013 and parts of early 2014, Microsoft made it seem like they’d never give up on including Kinect with every system. Low and behold, Microsoft didn’t stay true to their word and released a Kinectless SKU for $100 less in June.

Now early adopters know the price they’re paying to get a new product at launch. There may be bugs and the device will most likely be a little cheaper after a year or come with free games. Now the Xbox One is temporarily $349, an additional $50 off from the Kinectless model.

Essentially, consumers who wanted the cheapest entry point into the Xbox One ecosystem had to pay $499 last year and now they can pay as low as $349 with a free game, possibly two free games. That’s over a $150 swing in value depending on the prices of the games included with the system. For instance, if Assassin’s Creed Black Flag is considered worth $20 and AC Unity worth its new $60 MSRP, that’s about $230 in value difference compared to the Kinect only $499 SKU that shipped on November 22nd, 2013.


When the 3DS took a $80 price cut only 4 months after launch in 2011, Nintendo promised 10 GBA and 10 NES downloads for free to early adopters. This ambassador program has since become something console early adopters ask about as soon as word gets out that a new gaming device isn’t selling very well after launch. It happened with Wii U and now Xbox One early adopters want more for their investment. I don’t know if Microsoft can or should give away 20 free digital games but it does feel like they should be doing more.

Suddenly Limbo doesn’t seem like enough to reward early adopters. Microsoft is doing some other things to reward early adopters but it seems like they aren’t doing enough to justify that $150 early adopter fee. Should Microsoft give early adopters more to make up for the Xbox One’s massive price reductions in 2014? I believe so though I would not know how to say ‘enough is enough’.

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  1. jacksjus

    At first I was about to say stop complaining but this writer makes a damn good point. A lot of people bought into the Kinect thing only to watch MS all but dead the Idea.

    • corvusmd

      I actually love the Kinect and I don’t even game with it….I’ve gotten so used to it that now It’s weird using other systems without voice commands.

      • jacksjus

        Oh I have nothing against Kinect.

        However, there was a time when MS made it seem like the console wouldn’t function without it. a lot of the early adopters never wanted it to begin with, but at the time their were no alternatives.

        • Jason Mounce

          Same, wherein PS4’s webcam is selling pretty good, alarmingly good for a Sony peripheral, which usually they make peripherals that never sell. Their webcam was optional and it sold out for the longest time at launch. Unsure how many millions it’s sold but I do hear great things of it.

          Kinect however, added $50-$100 onto the console, which if it was Optional like PS4’s camera? Microsoft could’ve then made it so the console wouldn’t have had a $100 disadvantage at launch, probably would’ve helped them sell more at the beginning of the race.

          I can understand the business logic where if a product or kinect is forced on you, it becomes a staple of something Everyone has, so it’s a viable peripheral that can be sold to ‘All Users’ and not a niche audience, because everyone would’ve had the hardware, problem is, Microsofts’ userbase is more Hardcore gamer than Wii-oriented casual gamers and kids. Even then, the kids that are ‘Pro-Xbox’ are all the COD/Shooter types too, Not kinect-kiddies.

          • d0x360

            Sale stats on the Sony camera are about a 1% attach rate. That’s 1 out of every 100 consoles. That’s not good. I generally don’t argue with fanboys but jesus you are on a sad sad level that begs to be poked.

          • Jason Mounce

            Funny, how in March, 2014 when Sony reported 6 Million PS4’s sold, they also reported 900K Cameras were sold. I’m not too great at math but I’d swear to god that 900,000 to the ratio of 6,000,000 isn’t 1:100.


            “I generally don’t argue with fanboys but jesus you are on a sad sad level that begs to be poked.”

            I Lol’d. You’re the Poster Child, emphasis on Child, who represent the cancer of Xbox’s community.

        • Dennis Crosby

          You forgot Microsoft had to scrap and remake the OS for the Xbox One after the backlash. On top of majority of the games released in the first 6 months used some form of Kinect functionality but in the end Gamestop was offering $89.99 – $100 for kinects at one point if people did want it the could of traded them in for money back

          • jacksjus

            That’s still an inconvenience. I often hear that MS has so much money to blow, but when it counts they are quite cheap. They were better off giving a $10 XBL gift card.

          • jacksjus

            Hey if you are satisfied with receiving a free version of a game that has been passed around for the last 5 years that is ok with me. Not trying to convince you otherwise. This is just how I feel.

    • Jason Mounce

      “Microsoft doesn’t want you playing games that you got early if it’s before launch, or we’ll ban you”

      “Xbox One and Always-online connect are mandatory to give you the best in entertainment, it’s a must and if you don’t like it you can go buy an Xbox 360 again” – *Flips the switch* – *NOW WITHOUT ALWAYS-ONLINE DRM!*

      “Xbox One can easily do 1080p/60FPS too, watch!” – *Releases Forza 5 which looks worse than Forza 4 on their Last-gen platform and was downgraded immensely*

      “Microsoft doesn’t need Blu-ray! We’re giving you Choice unlike Sony, we aren’t shoving Blu-ray down your throats.” – *Gets Blu-ray next generation*

      “Microsoft and Kinect are the Future! No Kinectless X1 will exist” – *Few months later, INTRODUCING KINECTLESS X1!”

      I mean, I could go on with havin’ a giggle m8. Microsoft makes it too easy to make fun of them, Xbox fanboys would defend Microsoft even if they took a sh*t on their face and told them it was a Feature of being an X1 early adopter and is exclusive in comparison to the Sony fans/fanboys and they’d never be able to have such a glorious shat placed on their face.

      • d0x360

        Wow fanboy much? 2 comments in and you are off the damn rails.

        Forza 5 looks worse than 4? Give me some of the drugs you take. I wanna be cracked out too.

        You sound like a god damn Sony shill, calm down.

  2. HgGamer

    Fuck sakes Stfu you turd your owed nothing you jackass and to rest of the fuckwits agreeing with this faggot Stfu assholes what the fuck does Sony do for its fanbase you fucks nothing biased bastards so Stfu and fuck off with garbage article fuckin scrub

    • corvusmd

      While I agree with the sentiment….please calm down just a bit a leave the trolling to spoiled fanboys.

  3. corvusmd

    As an owner and early adopter of all the Gen 8 consoles, I have NO complaints about having an X1….PERIOD, not only no complaints, but it’s my favorite of the 3. Of the three, the only one I’m disappointed about being an early adopter for is actually PS4….it’s been a year, and so far all the exclusives have been disappointing…shadows of what was promised. Still waiting for greatness. Not saying I’d never get a PS4, not about to sell mine, but in hindsight…I’d wait till UC4.

    Also…I just downloaded and started playing my copy of Limbo.

    Honestly, these articles come off a “spoiled brat-ish” to me. I’ve had my X1 to enjoy for a year…I KNEW what I was getting into when I bought it…and I’ve loved every minute of it. This is why I feel that I got shafted by being a PS4 early adopter. Not that I hate PS4, or anything, but because it just hasn’t provided me with any wow moments that I couldn’t get without my X1. It’s all perspective. I don’t get why consoles have this issue but it doesn’t seem like anything else does….if I buy a car and they lower the price a year later…I don’t feel shafted for buying the car when I did…

  4. ariessiren

    No one forced anyone to fork over that insane amount of money for that under powered console. Free will. They don’t owe anyone Jack shit.

    • Jason Mounce

      Owing could be of both entitlement but also have to think about being courteous a bit, Nintendo with 3DS price slash, they gave early-adopters a good chunk of free games from the virtual store as a gift.

      Sony and PSN hacked fiasco, Sony gave free PS3/PSN/PSP games as an apology to their userbase.

      Microsoft…..well….Here’s an old game that everyone’s already played or could’ve grabbed on Steam for $1……ehhn. It’s the thought that counts, really.

      And for bonus comedy, Valve – they gifted their loyal fanbase of those who bought TF2 at launch – which subsequently went F2P – A Hat……a Bad hat at that…. both Valve and Microsoft are both winnars.

      • d0x360

        Sony gave away free games.because. MILLIONS of people’s.personal info and credit card data was stolen. They had a PR nightmare on their hands. It was no gift it was a please dont leave us.

        By comparison people who got RROD could have gotten a free year of live and 3 new retail games.

        I can’t believe you are actually and genuinely defending the psn breach. That is beyond sad.

        • PS4GAMERS

          isn’t it more sad, that millions, 10-15 million young guys, bought an xbox360, because sites like gamespot have hidden the truth about the rrod, so people don’t go and pick the ps3 instead ? still today, do a search “rrod” on sites like gamespot, there are no articles available.
          all those +10 million 11-16yo kids, who asked, cried, saved all the cash they could, borrowed from parents, brothers, etc, just to be able to buy an x360, that was doomed, and already had those rrod-disc scratching-heating issues-etc etc issues, that would make the console die, 1 or 2 months later.

          isn’t it sad ?

          and gamers should thank microsoft, for having fixed their consoles, consoles that would die AGAIN, 2-3 months later. that, 2-3 times, until warranties were over, and daddy had to buy a 2nd x360… and a 3rd x360.. and a 4th… 5th… while spending 60 bucks, just to be able to play games online.

          oh, man, how you should thank microsoft, for being so so kind with all those innocent buyers.

          and while you’re at it, you should also thank gamespoot- ign-polygon-edge-eurogamer-forbes(Eric Kain PoS sony hater and microsoft shill, like Madam Sessler), for hiding the truth about all those hardware issues, and for giving fantastic scores to all the x360 games, and all those rotten 5-6/10 scores to the ps3 version, so gamers go and buy the x360 version, that got a 9/10, VS the 8.9999/10 inferior ps3 version.

          say thank you dear microsoft, repeat after me:
          “thank you microsoft, i will even give you another 500 bucks, and will buy a windows and office version”, so the economy in our country and our national brands are the best.

          • Jason Mounce

            He’s a lost cause. Just look at his other responses on this site, most of which goes towards me since I don’t do the same practices as him. Which apparently involves molesting their xbox and praising it for a good time and crying later in a corner with intense buyers’ remorse.

          • d0x360

            ROFL that’s pure gold. Yes they were hiding it. Everyone and every site knows the failure rate of the first 2 gen Xbox 360s was high. The elite fixed 90% of the heat issues and the slim fixed the rest. Microsoft extended the warranty of any rrod Xbox by 3 years so I’m not sure what you are going on about. If your box died and was 3 years or less old it was fixed free and the box you got back from them had a further 3 year warranty.
            Not many people spent extra money because of rrod and if they did its their own dumb fault.

            Failure rate on the slim is BELOW failure rate on the ps3 both of which are around 1.5%. Which is average so both are just fine.

            If you wanna talk about busted consoles this generation I’m on my 4th ps4. Am I gonna whine about it? Nope. Warranty.

          • mel

            All I can say is USA! USA! USA! lmao I got the 499.99 XBone for my son. I own PS4. Microsoft do owe the earlier adopters some kind of freebie or rebate. If it was 50 bucks I’d say screw it. But 150 jeez aloo. I know I would’ve got him the Kinectless edition as he never use the thing. Say what you want that company cares less about games only the money they can make from it.

          • datrollnshit

            if your going to finish your fanboyism into other spectrum’s its mandatory for you to include those anti Microsoft elements outside of gaming. So i can properly troll the shit out of you.

        • Jason Mounce

          Peoples personal info, yes. Credit card was the questionable one. As if you did any research (Doubt it), not a single person reported having lost a penny because of it. Sony offered insurance/compensation or something like, that if your credit card was charged for any reason outrageously by misuse, that they’d cover you of up to $1 million or something like that. They were prepared to pay back any losses.

          Data has been stolen from everywhere, no place is safe, demonizing Sony means nothing but showing your immaturity and ignorance. Just yesterday personal info was stolen by DerpTrolls at 2K games, Windows Live and ‘Proclaimed’ PSN though Sony denied it, in which they cannot lie about it since it’d be illegal quite literally. Lizard Squad, Anon hackers everywhere have DDoS’d and stolen info from numerous websites and services.

          By comparison, a 30-40% Failure rate in which probably 5-10 million 360’s were destroyed and many people had to buy 2-3-4 Xbox 360’s as replacements that weren’t replaced by Microsoft for free, some where, some clearly weren’t – and you’re trying to say that that was a better story than the PSN hack fiasco in which no one had their credit card information stolen or misused? A month of turbulance versus Years of broken, faulty hardware? rofl

          Who said anything about DEFENDING the PSN hack fiasco? I made a statement about it and discussed what had happened. You’re getting defensive and your biases are showing kid. What are you, some kind of zealotic xbox fanboy who’s looking to fight the good fight by going site to site and attacking the villainous opposers of your cult-like fanboyism?

          • ineedgames

            I think you’ve missed the point that now Peoples information now belong to a stranger you didn’t want it to go to in the first place.

          • Jason Mounce

            No, I did not miss the point. I acknowledge that point but that point in itself is a subcategory of the bigger point which is:

            Don’t expect your information, any information, to be safe if you post it on the internet, whether privately or publicly. It’s never safe nor protected, everything is susceptible to online theft. The safest way to not have anything stolen on the internet is not using the internet. No one is going to do that, thus, we have to merely have hope our information is in good hands – which it usually is, but there are the times when crap happens and then it’s not safe.

        • andy

          There is nothing out there that says a SINGLE person’s credit card information was stolen. Its just a myth that idiots believe without doing any research back in 2011 to 2014.

          • batman

            Do you live in the real world their security system was if you read up they didn’t really have one at the time its not the fact peoples details were stolen its the fact they could have been

    • miyamoto



      Yeah whatever happened to:
      “Xbox One is Kinect,” Harrison said. “They are not separate systems. An Xbox One has chips, it has memory, it has Blu-ray, it has Kinect, it has a controller. These are all part of the platform ecosystem.”
      What are you gonna do with your day one Kinect Now that they got rid of it?

      Where is the promise of “value”?

      “I believe we’re delivering an immense value,”
      “I feel good about our price,” Whitten said. Bringing more value to the table was the first consideration after the decision was made to go ahead with a next-generation console.”

      What happened to the future of gaming?

    • HgGamer

      How is it underpowered you fuckin idiot when you shitty shitstation 4 can’t even do native 1080p or fuckin run 60fps so please stfu faggot and no fuckin games plagued console full of errors fuck sony garbage company

      • Jason Mounce

        *Cough* – *cough*

    • starscream1180

      underpowered would be a wii u , both ps4 and xbox one are 10 times more powerful than their last gen counterpart …the xbox came with the kinect which put the price point higher….whats insane was paying 600 for a ps3.

      • Don Tusk

        I belive Wii U is also 10 times more powerful than Wii.
        Of course Wii had 6th gen hardware, but still 🙂

  5. d0x360

    As a day 1 Xbox buyer I went in know both that eventually the price would drop and also that MS ALWAYS foes holiday bundles posy launch.

    I also did not expect free gifts at year 1 so no nobody got shafted. In fact Xbox one owners have gotten a fantastic console that has gotten better every single month and have some fantastic exclusive games. What a bs clickbait fanboy wank off article.

    Early adopters ALWAYS pay more and get less. It’s known, has been known and always will be a fact.

    What did sony give you on its ps4 birthday? A psn outage? Drive club weather?

  6. Edonus

    The only people that would even entertain this notion is weak minded people and ponies. I have enjoyed a very advanced console that has enhanced my entertainment media and have played a years worth of video games that look better and perform better than if I stayed and exclusives and new ips. I have enjoyed kinect and thnk that any consumer that doesnt get kinect with their X1 eventually is only hurting their self trying to be cool for the bias gaming media.

    The free games are nice but I never really went into buying a $500 machine thinking I would be getting something free. I consider it great for those that did wait but its only a snack. Like when they offer you a free drink with your meal.

  7. miyamoto

    Yeah whatever happened to:
    “Xbox One is Kinect,” Harrison said. “They are not separate systems. An Xbox One has chips, it has memory, it has Blu-ray, it has Kinect, it has a controller. These are all part of the platform ecosystem.”

    What are you gonna do with your day one Kinect Now that they got rid of it?

  8. Jam'n Citizen

    I’m sorry but you are not entitled to anything as an early adopter. Anyone with this kind of mindset should be viewed as a child. A sensible early adopter knows that there’s a chance in six months the price could fall, but they go ahead still because they want the console.

    It is such a shame to see gamers and so-called video game writers feeling as if they are entitled to the world. Be sensible for once!

  9. Devon Day

    Nintendo and Microsoft were in similar situations, but they cannot apply the same tactics. Microsoft had to cut off its policies or the Xbox One would not be doing well. The 3DS just had a high price point with little quality titles. Nintendo’s solution was to give those who brought it early a deal so that those adopters could help them profit and turn up its sales increase. Microsoft answered towards their biggest priority: readjust the image of the Xbox One. For them, this was mission accomplished.

    For Microsoft, the biggest key is to win back the US and UK, since it has lost in the American market 10 months now and recently announced that their console has done what what their rival did in September in breaching the 1 million sales mark. For Nintendo, their goal was to simply kick start the engine of the 3DS. Both compaines are doing a great job at what their initial fixes were intended to achieve.

    Now, does this give Microsoft a pass as to why there is no reward towards those who adopted early? No. Even though there are excellent deals on bundles, those are only for new buyers. Giving early adopters additional months of Live or 24hrs. of free play or more via a code would be a good start. If they can find a way to further reward the early adopters, Microsoft can really turn it up later on.


    and then, the us press release craap articles like the famous “boring ps4” article, from the forbes microsoft shill, “Kein”, who stinks like a chihuahua poo. guys like him, were those promoting the xbox one, and giving it a better score than the ps4, because of the “great tv-sports-kinekt experience”. guys like him, like adam sessliar, and plenty of hater from gamespot, ign, polygon, etc, are a true cancer for gaming and gamers.
    by praising the xbox, and bashing-hating sony, with their fantastic 5/5 reviews for, ex, forza5, and 2/5 scores to killzone shadow fall(arguments: ohhh, the game does nothing to the genre), they force people to take one direction: the one where the console gets the best reviews and scores, and the most praise.

    and at the end, there are 5-6 million xbox one early adopters, that are forced to play the less good versions, instead of playing in 1080p or 60fps, on the ps4. THANKS, press.

    these guys did all they could to stop the ps3 momentum, but it still reached like 90 million units sold, and still counting. what if there hadn’t been all that hate towards sony and the ps3? there would be like 120-150 million ps3 sold, today.

    that same press, who have hidden huge issues like the red ring of death, on x360, in the past, keep on praising the xbox brand: hey, why would an american website want american gamers to go and buy a japanese ps3-ps4? they want the national brand to be the most successful. if it means killing sony and ps3-ps4 games, with poor scores, and by always giving fantastic scores to the xbox one games.

    one year ago, despite the ps4 being far more powerful than the xbox one, with grea titles like killzone shadow fall, etc etc, press murdered those games, with ultra low scores, just to be able to say “hey, xbox one lineup has a better metacritic score, so, gamers, you should buy the xbox one”.

    then, during 2014, until june, it was all about “the experience”, on xbox one, even if games would run at 720p only, instead of 1080p on ps4, using 2.25 times more power. they kept on telling people that the xbox one experience was better, the controller, etc etc, bla bla bla.

    after kinekt, titanfall poor sales, etc, and the fantastic ps4 success, we had articles like the “boring ps4” from forbes. the same shiit, again, to bash sony and the ps4. of course, any exclusive ps4 game would be destroyed, with low scores, and any xbox one game, would receive all the praise. and so, games like driveclub, despite its online not working as wanted, got 2/5 or 30% scores: so close to forza horizon 2 launch, the same press simply couldn’t praise sony game. that was a perfect moment to bash sony even more, and praise the xbox one, with perfect scores for forza horizon 2. the message, again, was: get an xbox one, resolution and graphics don’t matter, look at forza horizon 2 and its 10/10 scores.
    than, sunset overdrive. another occasion to boast sales, so “let’s give it perfect scores, so more people buy the xbox one”.

    now, close to christmas, here we go again: microsoft plays with the numbers, and announce “10 million xbox one SENT TO RETAILERS”. of course, press will use those 10 miilions number, to make microsoft console look great, more desired, etc, as we approach holidays.

    lol, at this press 🙂 despair, is the right word.

    so, are xbox one gamers getting shafted ? i would say: they have been shafted since 2005, when they accepted paying 60 bucks a year, just to play games online, and they were ok with that

    so, the S hole is more than ready, for this 350 price drop, and the amazing 10$ gift , limbo.

    so ,yeah, gamers, keep on reading gamespot, ign, polygon, edge, etc etc, and all the big american gaming websites, you can be sure you will get unbiased reviews (ohhhh, where are the separate reviews for xbox one and ps4 games, like they used to do, with the x360 and ps3, just to spot a bad texture on the ps3, and declare the x360 version the winner? don’t you want to do those face to face again ? because you know, 720p and 1080p, it’s the same, right?), and you can be sure reviewers will tell the truth, and will correctly review the ps4 versions, and will declare the ps4 version the one to buy, if it is the case (isn’t it always THE CASE, AS the ps4 version is ALWAYS SUPERIOR? and yet, none of these websites have the balls to say -hey, the ps4 version 1080p is better than the 720p xbox one version, SO, GO AND GET THE PS4 VERSION-

    thanks, press. good job. see you in 2017, for the ps5 launch, and the 3/10 scores for the exclusive games 🙂

  11. Anthropophagic

    I got my Xbox one day one, or near enough. I don’t feel shafted at all. I paid an extra 100$ bucks to enjoy the Xbox for the last year.

    I could have waited and saved some money, but as far as my entertainment dollar is concerned, well worth it.

    I don’t feel like I’m owed anything. I got what I paid for and have been pretty happy with it. I don’t know how this is an issue at all. For anyone. It’s not like someone bought it day one and is just now getting around to playing with it.

  12. DLConspiracy//

    The comment section once again offers great value for laughs. I have been laughing my end off for Free. Let me answer this click baits article question anyway and then summarize the comments section.

    On topic: Day One adopter here. I mean actual day one owner and adopter BTW. I don’t feel slighted in the least and didn’t expect one thing for purchasing my Xbox One. Mostly because I am not a child and realize that when I buy a piece of equipment when its released that it will eventually drop in price. I knew what I was doing when I bought it and I certainly don’t feel entitled to receive anything else. With that said I am still enjoying my Xbox One AND Kinect just fine. No regrets and thankful I own it.

    Summarization of the comments section.

    Actual day one Xbox One adopters response to article:

    “Uh yeah… Duh I bought the console early to play it early. Didn’t expect anything free”

    People who do not own nor will ever own an Xbox One period:

    ” This is an OUTRAGE! How dare MS walk around charging less for their product! We asked them to remove Kinect and sell it and they did now they want to under cut my preferred console? What an outrage! How dare they listen to their fans! Limbo Schmimbo!”

  13. TheLastDon

    I’m not mad at MS, but I will tell you for the next generation of consoles I will be waiting at least a year to buy one.

  14. Spencer

    Too bad. You wanted to be an early adopter, your reward was playing next gen games instead of last gen games for a year. You aren’t entitled to one single f***ing thing by buying early and not paying a lesser price for it.

  15. Corey

    early adopters ALWAYS get the shaft dude. Not sure why anyone thinks that’s a new thing. You always pay more if you buy it right off the bat.

    Ya it kinda stinks that there are such awesome deals out now. But such is life. Get over it and move on.

  16. PachterStation

    The UK launch price was £430 with tax (VAT at 20% in the UK), which worked out at well over $600 back then. Today’s price is around £330 with tax, which works out at $518. You always get shafted when you buy a console at launch, so it’s pointless moaning afterwards.

  17. datdude

    I usually don’t think early adopters have any right to complain as they bought the console willingly and we all should know by now what to expect early in console generations from the manufacturer. You pay a premium to play the games first. This one is a little different to me though due to kinect. Microsoft blatantly lied and said the system wasn’t designed to work without it and it would not be unbundled. I didn’t buy the xbone at launch, but may pick one up when they redesign to slim version, hopefully around the time quantum break launches. If I had bought one, I would be none too pleased about having no choice about whether I wanted to buy the kinect in the first place, only to see it unbundled a few short months later. That would anger me, so I understand if some are upset by that. I currently own a ps4, 360, and ps3, with hopes to buy a wii u in 2015 and possibly the xbone. But Microsoft has bungled the xbone messaging so badly, and left such a bad taste with all their lies and deception (both with hardware and software, such as showing off pc graphics at E3 then delivering nowhere near the graphical fidelity at launch) that I have reservations about giving them more of my money. Phil Spencer has made tremendous improvements, so that is why I’m optimistic about the xbone’s future. They dropped some of the dead weight, buffoonish management, but I still read comments from xbox execs that make no sense and are bald-faced lies. The only person speaking should be Spencer. Not sure I trust any of the others.

  18. John Nemesh

    They got shafted the minute they decided to buy an underpowered box with fewer games! Cry me a river.

    • fuck you

      Fuck off and go play your Sony 2010 pc with no games you my friend have been completely brainwashed by Sony think about how bad your console holds up in pricing and hard wear vs pcs a year on and then they ripped you off

    • DLConspiracy//

      Why be that way John? The ps4s Mantle and CPU are slower than direct x and the CPU on xb1. Does that mean the PS4 is underpowered? I guess so. Is it necessary to even go there? Nope.

  19. James Roman

    Such a stupid article. It *always* goes without saying that being an early adopter means you’re paying a premium. As an early adopter, you don’t know if the product will succeed or fail, or whether anything worthwhile will be released on it. You’re paying for the privilege of being among the first people to use it. Microsoft doesn’t owe anyone anything.

  20. Terrence Boogie Monster

    I can’t understand how so many of the supporters of a system that is currently in first place can be such a bunch of tools. What is it about owning a PS4 that brings out the worst in you people?

  21. the CEO fucked you, cunt.

    Anyone that purchased a shite box at launch or pre-ordered one is a fucking mug.
    Serves them right if they got ripped off.
    They can go fuck themselves now.

  22. JoeDaniel

    Nothing personal, but everyone with any common sense knows you’re paying the most when you are an early adopter… so no one has any right to complain about being shafted… unless you were threatened at gunpoint to buy something, you have no right to ask for something back, not to mention you knew it wouldn’t take years for the price to decrease… I waited a few months to buy a PS4 and now I am getting all the launch period games for much cheaper and love it… I still haven’t bought an Xbox One yet because it’s not worth almost $500 with taxes to play the Halo Collection, my choice…

  23. Mqf

    In terms of celebrating one year since launch, Ive heard very little from Sony, which is odd considering their current position in the ‘console war. Yet Xbox is entering its members into prize draws, sending emails and giving away a free game.

    Any other PS4 users feeling this?

    • John Nemesh

      Nope, I get QUALITY free games every month with my PS+ subscription. No complaints there. I also get the best quality on all of the games I purchase for the machine…Xbox users can’t say the same.

  24. Andrew Clear

    Microsoft shouldn’t have to give them anything. Consumers bought it as is. I’m tired of this entitlement mentality.

    So, After I buy a new car, for 20k, and at the end of the year, they are selling it for 15k to empty out the inventory, does the car company owe me something for being an early adopter? What am I entitled to then?

    See, sounds rather foolish.

  25. Raptor Gilbert

    I enjoy my day one Xbox. love using my connect on everything. it needs to control my wife “Xbox tell my wife to wash dishes!”

  26. Tarkona

    LMFAO! If you bought this $500 console at launch (with the Kinect), you have no place to complain about it being $350 now (without the Kinect) through the holidays. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the price going back up to $400 after this? You also paid that extra $100 to be one of the first to own it and get the Kinect with it. Are those of you complaining new to game consoles and other tech in general?

    This is how it works. A new product comes out at said price. After some time passes, depending on profitability, manufacturing costs, how well the item is selling etc… the price drops. If you don’t understand this basic fundamental aspect of how these things work, you are probably too stupid to even be gaming or sitting on your computer in the first place and should spend more time actually broadening your horizons.

    Maybe next time you’ll be more patient and wait for a price drop. 😉

  27. batman

    Not only that but early Xbox ones and I should include PS4s will probably get shafted due to not being able to handle future updates and breaking

  28. Seventizz .

    In a year, I’ve played some great games not available anywhere else. I enjoy Xbox Live and playing with friends.

    A bonus for us early adopters is a nice gesture – but I’m still happy with my X1 purchase regardless.

  29. Gui

    I don’t think microsoft needs to give something for those who purchased the Xbox at full price, like I did, but if they do it should be more than a 10 dollar game that’s been on the iPad already

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