PS Vita

Sony forced to pay out over PS Vita false advertising by FTC

The FTC says that Sony used false advertising during the Vita’s initial marketing campaign in early 2012. Now Sony will have to pay out to Vita early adopters.

Here’s what the FTC has to say about it:

The main point? According to the FTC, the PS Vita ads deceived people into buying a product that didn’t work as promised. What’s a bit different about the settlement being announced today is that it’s not just Sony on the hook. The FTC says Sony’s advertising agency, Deutsch, knew or should have known that the PS Vita didn’t work as advertised — yet they created the ads anyway. Not only that, according to the FTC, Deutsch had its employees tweet about the PS Vita from their personal Twitter accounts, but didn’t tell their employees to mention that they worked for Sony’s ad agency — something required by the FTC’s Endorsement Guidelines.

Sony will be paying out $25 cash to effected customers or a $50 merchandise credit. The only consumers applicable for this are those who bought the PS Vita before June 1st, 2012.

I can’t imagine many will take Sony up on this. Many have probably lost their proof of purchase or forgotten about their device altogether. That just happens over time. Some may have sold their original 1000 model for the new, slimmer 2000 Vita.

Still, its good to see big companies be held accountable. I’m sure Sony doesn’t like this decision but I can’t imagine they’ll actually pay out that much money either.