Just Cause 3 screens leak, rough visuals and microtransactions spotted

Screens for Just Cause 3 have leaked onto the web. These screens show off the expected open, over the top world design and action while also giving players fear for how the game will be sold.

These screens, which can be found at Xbox Underground, where they were originally leaked, show off an in-game “Black Market” where players could buy or rent items.


This seems like a strong hint towards the game either being free to play or using microtransactions. Avalanche Studios’s co-founder says that the game won’t be free to play, so perhaps this is just microtransactions.

Additionally, Eurogamer is reporting that Square Enix at one time planned to release the PC version as F2P but release the console version as a full priced retail title. They say the console versions will still have some microtransactions.

As far as visuals go, so far the game looks a little rough. It could very well be a cross-gen game or still in early development. Personally I’m hoping for it to be made only for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We’ll probably have to wait a little while longer for an official reveal, perhaps as late as the VGX awards in December.