Halo MCC matchmaking issues still present post-patch

The 1.4GB patch that 343 Industries said would help to alleviate some of the various issues players have been experiencing with Halo: The Master Chief Collection since launch is out. Problem is, the users who have downloaded it it don’t appear to be seeing immediate results.

Users across the web are reporting hit and miss results with matchmaking. There is still a lot of talk of long wait times to get matched up with anyone and being put into unbalanced teams as bad as 6 versus 2.

Some users are having what appears to be an easier time finding games in matchmaking when alone but matchmaking with a party still appears to be a frustrating experience. Parties are still getting split up it seems.

I’ve personally downloaded the patch and I can say that after a handful of attempts, I’m still experiencing some fairly long matchmaking times. I can’t verify any of the party issues personally. Matchmaking does seem better than it was last Tuesday or Wednesday, but so far (and its just been a few hours) it appears to be only marginally better.

I’ve gotten into a 5 or 6 matches so far though it took longer than I would ideally want. Even then, there still appears to be problems with games crashing for players randomly as well. I’ve personally been victim to the game crashing in-game pre-patch but haven’t experienced it yet post-patch.

Since the patch is so new, there’s a chance these issues will subside or at least decrease over the next day or so. Campaign fixes seem on track and well done for the most part though I’d wait a little longer before declaring most of the campaign bugs fixed.

While the initial results from Halo MCC’s matchmaking patch aren’t looking favorable, remember to keep your heads cool folks. I’m sure 343 Industries is stressed to no end with all of these launch issues. My patience is certainly wearing thin but I’m going to try to stretch out my patience as long as possible. Hopefully in the next day or so more users report more success post-patch and things get better.