Halo MCC matchmaking improved but still flawed

Earlier today 343 Industries sent out an update 523MB for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This patch attempts to address matchmaking issues, over two weeks since the game’s release. We’ve downloaded the patch and played a couple of hours (pretty much downloaded the patch as soon as possible) of the game’s multiplayer to give you guys feedback on what it does and doesn’t fix.

Simply put, matchmaking is still not where it needs to be after this update but it is getting better. Progress has been made even if it feels like baby steps.

As far as user experience, there finally appears to be a closer divide between users reporting shorter, more successful matchmaking waits than with the 1.5GB patch that came out last week. Some players are saying that matchmaking isn’t taking as long as it has, no longer forcing them to wait 10-15 minutes for matches. That said, these same users are also reporting that even when they got into matches in 5 minutes or so (which is still too long for a modern FPS to make players wait) that they were often put into uneven matches with teams split badly in favor of one particular team.

What was my experience? Initially the update didn’t seem to make much of a difference. At first I got matched up pretty quickly, probably in just a couple of minutes. My optimism began to increase. Then I was put on the good end of an uneven team slayer match so the uneven teams issue rose up immediately. The next few times I tried to find matches weren’t so successful with multiple attempts taking 5-10 minutes. This wasn’t as long as some of the wait times I endured during launch week but it is still unacceptable.


For the record, I did turn off my Xbox One entirely to ensure that the system had fully updated the game. For whatever reason, updates like this require a reset of the console so after you download this patch remember to restart the system. I know, its annoying but hey its not a big delay.

Additionally I have had the game crash on the carnage report once today (and several times in the past) and other users are reporting a rising amount of post-game crashes too. Baby steps, folks. h

343’s official patch notes says they made changes to how players are matched and I wouldn’t see the difference personally. While matches take around 5 minutes to happen, too often I’m put into games where teams are uneven.

Progress is being made. The idea of Halo MCC somewhat resembling a game that works properly before the end of the 2014 may actually be a reality soon. 343 still has some ways to go though matchmaking is less broken today then it was yesterday. Halo’s matchmaking issues are still here but they are at least lessened to an extent.