Halo Franchise Director: ‘We goofed’, lots of work left to fix Halo

343 Industries knows they messed up with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Halo franchise director, Frank O’Connor, went to NeoGAF yesterday to candidly post about the troubles his franchise is having. He said this about a fan being upset with MCC’s ongoing issues:

Can’t blame him for being steamed. We goofed, to put it politely. Many of the little issues are connected to a single, bigger big issue that didn’t expose itself till we were in the wild and cascade from that. Fingers crossed.

In addition to this, O’Connor says there is a lot more left to be fixed with the game.

There is lots more to do. No sleep till turkey day.Party splitting has been addressed in matchmaking and is something we’re keeping a close eye on.

Hopefully 343 gets all of Halo’s many problems sorted out soon. This is literally the worst case scenario you imagine when you send your game out to the public. How long 343 can get their fans to wait remains to be seen, though I’ll be waiting a little longer. Let’s hope these issues are ironed out by Thanksgiving!