God of War creator trolls fans on Twitter with fake God of War sequel announcement

David Jaffe has something planned, whether its a game shown at The Game Awards or Sony’s Playstation Experience Event, remains to be seen.

Today he trolled his fans on Twitter, tweeting this message:

Fuck it- it’s less than a week away&I’m allowed to confirm it anyway at this point: we ARE making a new God of War

He then quickly followed that tweet with this one:

Inspired ice sculpture for my kid’s birthday party!!! Kratos ice sculpt is so gonna rock!!!!!!

Clever guy. Seems fair enough, I’m sure he is relentlessly asked to return to the God of War franchise. Personally I hope Jaffe has something new up his sleeves for the new consoles. I assume it will be for the PS4 only, given his work history.

Hopefully we find out whatever the hell it is Jaffe is working on soon!