GameStop President speaks out against PS4/XB1’s digital gaming popularity

GameStop President Tony Bartel isn’t happy with the rise of digital games on Xbox One and PS4, especially how both companies are bundling digital copies of games with their hardware. This influences consumers to buy games digitally, giving no cut to GameStop as a retailer.

In a recent Investors meeting, Bartel indicated that he thought the rise of digital games on consoles could hurt the industry, saying:

We want to help ensure that our industry does not make the same mistake as other entertainment categories by driving the perceived value of digital goods significantly below that of a physical game.What we produce has value, and we should protect that value

Seems pretty clear to me that GameStop doesn’t appreciate losing ground in the console space. They are still a huge retailer for games but a future where digital purchases are more common for $60 retail-like experiences on consoles is inevitable.

GameStop will have to find a way to adapt and make a profit off this change in some way. How they’ll do that I can’t say and that’s why its a good thing I’m not in charge of GameStop.