Games Least Thankful For Fans This Holiday

With Thanksgiving around the corner I wanted to write an article about things going on in the industry today that I’m most thankful for. Sadly, 2014 has been filled with some pretty big disappointments. Immediately I couldn’t help but think of things I’m not thankful for. Some of these events/games are out of the control of their respective developers while others deserve a lashing from fans. Here are just a few things I’m not all that thankful for.


Halo’s Many Issues

It has been two weeks since The Master Chief Collection was unleashed on Xbox One owners in the US and so far the experience hasn’t been up to snuff. Long waits in matchmaking, party system issues, frame rate drops and other problems have yet to be fixed 100% by 343 Industries.

I’m very sympathetic for 343. While they should have done more pre-release to prevent these issues, I’m sure they’re going through a hard holiday period trying to repair this PR disaster. I’m thankful for their hard work but I’m not thankful with the package shipped to stores on November 11th. Master Chief Collection just doesn’t work the way its users want it to and as more time goes by without real fixes, fans like myself will only get more sour on the game and potentially give it up for good.

Drive Club PS4 Evolution

Driveclub’s Online Issues Too

Perhaps its unfair that Driveclub’s issues don’t provoke the same ire that Halo’s do. I wasn’t looking forward to Driveclub as much as I was with Halo but Evolution Studios dropped the ball with their latest racer just the same as 343. Server issues are preventing owners of the physical game from playing online whenever they want to and the PS+ Edition of the game has yet to be released. Driveclub has been dealing with issues a month longer than Halo so its safe to say a lot of fans of the game have given up on Evolution’s cool but flawed racer. Maybe the eventual release of the PS+ version will get fans back in the driver’s seat.


Assassin’s Creed Unity Entirely

Assassin’s Creed Unity should be a much better game. The game is filled with so many bugs its laughable it even made retail. Crashing, character models not loading properly, repeating dialogue and falling through the ground are just a few of the problems plaguing Unity. Ubisoft needed to give this game another six months in development to iron out these issues. Sadly the game sold over 780k copies in the US during its debut week, tricking nearly a million consumers into giving Ubisoft money for a broken game.


The Lack of any real Last Guardian News

Earlier this year a rumor from IGN stated that The Last Guardian had been cancelled behind the scenes. Sony stepped up and said this report was false and later IGN seemed to agree, taking the report back. Since then fans have heard nothing about the game. Sony wants us to know that the game isn’t cancelled but you’ll hear little else from them about it. So it’s not dead but its not ready to show to the public after 5 years? Sorry Sony, I’m not thankful for the lack of Last Guardian news at all.


No New 3DS in US This Year

Nintendo made the controversial decision to not release the New 3DS in the US/Europe until 2015. They’re pretty much acting like the device doesn’t exist even though it came out in Japan in October and last week in Australia. The reasoning they offered was that the US doesn’t need a new model as much as Japan, which is practically saturated with Nintendo handhelds. I suppose I understand that from a business perspective but as a fan I can’t help but hate the decision. This holiday would have been made so much more fun with a New 3DS model sporting that tiny C-Stick and the improved 3D screen. C’mon Nintendo, why you got to take what would have been a great gift under the Christmas tree away from fans?


The Slow Death of the PS Vita

Sony isn’t just quiet on the subject of The Last Guardian. They’re also pretty mum on the PS Vita. They’ve pretty much ruled out anymore AAA game development. Tearaway is coming to PS4 and we haven’t heard about Gravity Rush 2 in a long time. It appears Sony isn’t willing to develop much for the Vita anymore. They released the superb Vita 2000 model back in May but they aren’t shipping many units to the US, seemingly giving up on the handheld altogether. I knew things were bad for the Vita commercially but I really hoped/expected it to last a little bit longer with better first party support.