Titan One Review: Boundaries Broken

Ever wanted to play your Playstation with an Xbox controller? Or give your Xbox a go with one of Nintendo’s finer D-Pads? Well, you might want to check out the Titan One. It’s an accessory that costs as much as an extra controller for current-gen systems that allows you to use non-standard controllers on a variety of systems, wired or in some cases wirelessly.

This may sound like blasphemy but the Titan One really does what it advertises once you get through setup, which takes a little longer than what you’d initially believe. Titan One plugs into your PC or consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, etc supported) and tricks whatever device its attached to into thinking its a first party controller. So you can play The Last of Us Remastered with an Xbox One controller or drift in Mario Kart 8 online with the Dual Shock 4.

There isn’t much included in the box with the Titan One. The instructions fail to explain set up properly and refer to the device as being “plug and play” when really, you’ll need to download some software onto your PC and tinker with a few things first. Thankfully this process doesn’t take very long though it could have been made much clearer to the average first-time user with better instructions in-box.


Yes, all of this really works.

Once you’re up and running, every controller feels like it was the input device whatever console you’re using it on was made for. There is virtually no issue with controls whatsoever. In my extensive time using Titan One, I experienced no issues with inputs on a mix of combinations. For this review I played a few hours of games in each of these scenarios: Played several hours of Xbox One with a Dual Shock 4, PS4 tested with Xbox One controller and tested some PC games with a Wii U Pro Controller.

While it was odd getting use to playing a PS4 game with an Xbox One controller, it was a liberating experience. I have my own preferences for controllers depending on the game genre and now I won’t have to worry about using a controller with sub-par triggers, d-pad, face buttons, etc.

The USB stick sized device can be programmed with scripts allowing cheats and abilities not normally allowed in games, a potential pandora’s box for online gamers.

No extra modifications are required for the Titan One to work. No, you probably won’t get in trouble with Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo depending on how you use this accessory. Once the initial setup is complete it is mostly plug and play, no other physical changes are required. Where you might get in trouble with console makers is if you use the device’s scripting engine.

This allows users to download and use functions not intended for use in a particular game, like rapid-fire and automatic running. If Titan One gets more popular, as it should, there is the potential for some cheaters to populate your favorite online game communities.

You pick which one you want to use with Titan One.

You pick which one you want to use with Titan One.

Other than the poor instructions, my only other issue is that you can’t use more than one controller on a given device in some scenarios. I didn’t test this out on all the consoles I owned that could possibly support the Titan One but for example you can only use the Titan One and the controller its paired with on your console and can’t pair a second controller for local multiplayer. When this happens, the console replaces the Titan One as the primary controller for Player One. So if you were hoping to use your Dual Shocks as extra controllers for 4-player split-screen when The Master Chief Collection comes out then you’re out of luck my friend.

As is, the Titan One is a really great accessory that is well worth the price of admission. It delivers on the promise of letting you use nearly whatever (recently made) controller of your preference on any console you want. So if you really hate the Dual Shock 3’s sticks and triggers now you can use an Xbox One controller to play all of your games. It would be nice if it supported multiple controllers for local play and the potential for online cheaters using the scripting engine doesn’t bode well for those who want to play on an even field. Still, its hard to argue with the price and core function of Titan One.

Final Thoughts

While the Titan One could use better instructions in the box and has some shortcomings, it offers something few others can give die-hard game players. Its probably the best $60 you'll spend on an accessory for years. Titan One review unit provided by ConsoleTuner for this review.

Overall Score 90%