Zelda Wii U will top Hyrule Warriors’s cut scenes

Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma says that he plans on making sure that Zelda U can stand up to Hyrule Warriors in terms of cutscenes. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the game will have voice acting or at least Link doesn’t have a voice actor.

Aonuma said:

Looking at the comments on Miiverse regarding Hyrule Warriors, it’s been great to see a lot of positive feedback. But one of the things that leaves me with rather complicated feelings is that people are saying, “Oh wow, I really love the cutscenes in this game! This is better than the stuff Nintendo does!” Of course, that leaves me a little conflicted, and gives me a mission now to make sure that the new Zelda game that I’m working on can hold its own in that aspect against Hyrule Warriors!

I haven’t seen the cutscenes in Hyrule Warriors myself yet. Personally I’m fine with short, to the point cutscenes in past Zelda games. Don’t over-complicate it.

Hopefully this doesn’t mean 30 minute, epic videos between dungeons!