Watch Dogs Wii U release date revealed by Ubisoft

Ubisoft Mexico, oddly enough, has revealed that Watch Dogs will hit the Wii U in the west on November 18th. This was revealed on the company’s FB page:

Fans de Nintendo: ¡Watch Dogs para o Wii U será lanzado en noviembre!

La espera está llegando a su fin: la versión de Watch Dogs para Wii U llega día 18 de noviembre. Esa versión cuenta con un mapa interactivo de Chicago en la pantalla del GamePad, pero también puedes optar por jugarlo solo con el control.

Of course I don’t believe anyone thinks this will do well. Even if the Wii U port is absolutely amazing, who wants to play this for $60 so long after launch other than die-hard Wii U owners who don’t own another system?

Sadly Ubisoft will probably use the failed sales of this delayed Wii U port as their last big reason as to why their cutting off their Wii U support. Recently they said that Wii U owners didn’t buy enough of Assassin’s Creed III and IV.

So come November 18th it looks like we won’t be getting anymore rated M, big budget multiplatform games on Wii U from Ubisoft folks. I’d love to be wrong on that though.