Pachter: Microsoft has ‘exciting’ Xbox One holiday promotion lined up, wait to buy one

It looks like Microsoft won’t have their Xbox One console go down without a fight. Industry analyst Michael Pachter recently hinted that he knows of what the company’s holiday plans are to push XB1 sales higher.

Usually the opposite of what Pachter says comes true but I’ll take him for his word on this one. With the Xbox One lagging far behind the PS4 in terms of global sales, Microsoft has to do something. In past years they’ve pulled temporary $50 price cuts on Xbox 360 hardware during the holidays only to put them back at their normal MSRP in January.

My only guess is a $349 Xbox One SKU or an extra game in a bundle like Halo MCC and Call of Duty, or something like that. Unless they’re bold and drop the system’s price to $299 I think they’ll have a hard time in the US this holiday regardless.