Xenoblade Chronicles X game world to be 5x the size of original game

Are you excited for Monolith Software’s Xenoblade Chronicles X? Did you play the original Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii to death and love it? Well you’ll be delighted by this bit of news.

The game world in XCX will be significantly bigger than the already massive world in Xenoblade Chronicles. How much bigger? Monolith’s Tetsuya Takahashi had this to say about it in the most recent issue of EDGE:

Vehicles are called Dolls. They are 5 Times larger than a person. So to get the same feel as Xenoblade Chronicles, the map would need to be 5 times bigger. The game world in X is in fact even bigger than that.

That’s pretty damn big if you ask me. I never got a chance to play Xenoblade Chronicles myself so I can’t fully understand this though it does sound massive. Fans of the series should be satisfied with this news even if the wait for Xenoblade Chronicles X is feeling longer and longer every day.