Rumor: 4 Mario Kart DLC packs hinted at by unused data in game

Here’s something interesting from Nintendo. It turns out there are 4 un-used Mario Kart Cup Icons in Mario Kart 8. Each icon is called “CupIconDLC” in the game’s files, going from “CupIconDLC00” to “CupIconDLC03”, implying that 3-4 DLC packs featuring 4 tracks and new Cups could be on the way.

Some DLC is heading to Mario Kart 8 this week in the form of a major software update and some product placement via new Kart parts. Hopefully Nintendo will announce whatever DLC these Cup Icons are related to in the near future. I’d imagine there’s a good chance they’ll have something to do with Amiibo, which Nintendo has said the game will support but has yet to go into details into how it will support it.