Report: Third parties moving towards PS4 exclusive titles

Tidux, a known industry info leaker who has been very accurate in the past, is now sharing some good news for Sony and bad news for other console makers. Much like how word out of GDC 2013 pointed at countless developers/publishers moving away from the Wii U due to poor hardware/software sales, Tidux is now saying that several third parties are opting to make PS4 exclusives instead of multiplatform games.

He said on Twitter:

rumor from Cologne, third-party exclusive titles to #PS4 is coming. developers moving to the platform where the most people are. classic. but nothing that will be presented now, later. No, nothing that will be announced during #Gamescom, but rumor among developers #PS4 #dev

Tidux would go onto to say that he doesn’t think we’ll see most of these exclusives until E3 2015 since plans are just being made now to put them on PS4 only.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Wii U can’t run the majority of XB1/PS4 titles and PS4 versions of multiplatform games have been selling significantly better than their XB1 counterparts. Add into this the fact that Sony is about to cross the 10 million units sold mark while Microsoft is still sitting just above 5 million Xbox One systems sold despite the $399 SKU, it looks like this report could be true. It at least makes sense from a business perspective for developers to go for the market with more users and the bigger install base.

The biggest factor could be that Xbox One sales have been stuck at roughly 5 million since March. At the time, the PS4 was sitting at 7 million units back in March. Since then Sony has sold another 2 million systems globally while the Xbox One has failed to crack 6 million total in 4 months despite the unbundling of Kinect. Sony sold 3.5 million PS4/PS3 systems from April through June while Microsoft only sold 1.1 million 360/XB1 consoles, so the gap is widening and unless something changes its only a matter of time until third parties take notice.

Take this rumor with a grain of salt but like the whole GDC 2013 rumor for Wii U, don’t be surprised if we start seeing this come true sometime in 2015.