Notch openly bashes Wii U, says it only has ‘two games’

For whatever reason, Notch, the man behind Minecraft, has decided to openly bash Nintendo’s struggling Wii U platform online.

He’s sent out a series of tweets today aimed directly at criticizing Nintendo and their Wii U system. While he isn’t necessarily wrong for expressing his opinion (and he could just be trolling everyone), his remarks come across distasteful like kicking someone when they’re down.

Here’s his first anti-Wii U tweet:

This isn’t so bad. He says he wants more games to play on the Wii U. Fair enough and Nintendo certainly has loaded 2015 with more heavy hitters while leaving 2014 a little empty until Smash Bros. Notch’s next tweet is more mean spirited.

I don’t really understand, unless this is part of something bigger, why Notch has to do this. I understand that he and everyone behind Minecraft probably have no intentions of bringing the blockbuster franchise to Wii U or 3DS but why burn bridges with Nintendo fans?

Minecraft makes a ton of sense on Wii U, especially if it had Nintendo themed content like Zelda, Mario, Metroid skins or materials. Of course Mojang doesn’t see this as something they can profit from so they’ve yet to do it.

Still, I don’t think Notch should be so dismissive of the Wii U so publicly. Whose to say Nintendo isn’t a big business partner for them in 5-10 years? You never know what the future holds. No one thought Minecraft would jump from PC to Xbox 360 and become such a huge success on consoles. Microsoft did, contacted Notch and company and the rest is history. So whose to say Notch and Nintendo don’t find some sort of partnership that helps both them in the future? Minecraft styled Nintendo toys at stores? Heck, even that would make some decent money for Notch.

It always surprises me when public figures in the gaming industry act like jerks like this. I would think that with the millions of dollars Notch has at his disposal he’d be smarter than to bash a potential business partner in such a immature, fanboy-like way. It isn’t really the “oh he’s poking fun at the Wii U” that is upsetting, its the lack of professionalism that myself and I’m sure many others find distasteful.