Disney Infinity now free to download on Wii U

Believe it or not, the original Disney Infinity is now free to download for Wii U owners in the US. Well, its sorta free. Here’s what Nintendo’s PR says:

Disney Infinity – For the first time, Disney Infinity is available in the Nintendo eShop – and it’s free to download. Enjoy online multiplayer and more fun ways to play. Use your Wii U GamePad controller to create your own worlds in the Toy Box or activate missions and unlock toys in Play Sets. With Disney Infinity, the possibilities are endless. (A Disney Infinity Figure and Base, sold separately, are required to play the downloadable version of the game.)

So you need the base used for the figures and at least one figure. That shouldn’t cost as much as purchasing the whole package but it does require some investment. Of course if you’ve got a friend with these items lying around you can borrow them and test the game out.

This is an interesting move by Disney, especially since this appears to be only for the Wii U version. Perhaps they want to increase the sales of the latest installment, Marvel Superheroes, in the coming months?