Xbox One hits China for $600 on September 23rd, offering free Xbox Live Gold until March 2015

Microsoft has finally announced their Xbox One launch plans for the Chinese market. The Xbox One will be the first console to be officially released in China since the ban on consoles was lifted last year.

The Xbox One will go on sale in China on September 23rd for 3,600 RMB. That translates to $599 for Americans. Curiously enough, Microsoft will be offering free Xbox Live Gold to purchasers until March 2015. A bold move that makes a lot of sense.

China is typically a market that is wrapped up in free to play or online PC games. If Microsoft or any of the big three console makers can break through and get even 5% of China’s massive population to buy their consoles then the console market stands to get significantly bigger.

Good luck on conquering China with the Xbox One Microsoft. Nintendo and Sony are probably watching how well you do very closely.