Sony reveals why it announced PS4 before Xbox One reveal

Sony’s Andrew House recently revealed why the company decided to reveal the PS4 before Microsoft got a chance to show off the Xbox One last year. House says this was done to take a “leadership position” in terms of next-gen gaming. I’d have to say the strategy worked well for Sony.

House says:

I think we were probably earlier in the announce than we have been previously, and that was very deliberate. I wanted to be out there first with the first announcement for this generation so you’ve got an opportunity to stake the ground and hopefully take something of a leadership position. Again, we’d had the experience of launching later than our competitor and that played very heavily to many of the thought processes and decisions made about PlayStation 4.

Since the February 2013 PS4 reveal, Sony has been running away with positive PR and the interest of consumers. Microsoft has done an admirable job trying to repair the damage that the initial Xbox One reveal did but they appear to still be trailing by a wide margin.

It was just last week that it was revealed that the Xbox One is sitting at a bit above 5 million units sold while Sony has sold over 9 million PS4 systems. Sony really did improve their marketing (they’re spending more on it than MS too) in comparison to how the tables were turned when the Xbox 360 stole much of the PS3’s thunder back in 2005-2008.