PS Vita

Sony: 4/10 of our games make money and that’s okay

Sony President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida says that while Sony publishes a lot of games that never make them much money, they will continue this habit for the sake of pursuing the best talent in the industry.

Yoshida reveals that roughly 4 out of every 10 titles Sony makes turn a profit, saying:

It’s a hit-driven business. We look at our financial results of the titles, and probably three or four out of ten make money, and maybe one or two make all the money to cover the cost of the others titles. So we have to be able to maintain that hit ratio at a certain level to be able to continue in the business, so we always try to find out and support and help grow the talent. That’s the most important work that I believe myself and some of my management team at worldwide studios are doing.

This is a very good attitude to have. Sony does take risks with new IPs and franchises that you wouldn’t expect to see Microsoft or Nintendo take.

Whether it comes to unique downloadable games like Echo-chrome, charming but limited in marketability titles like Loco Roco/Patapon, Sony has a knack (pun intended) for supporting games based on how creative they are, not whether they will line their pockets with money.

Now if only they’d take that attitude with PS Vita first party games and exclusives and pay for some great Vita only games to move some units and give those loyal users some better games!